Blue Dream Curry and Comfort Food was started by James Sutherland and Sean Park who worked together at a restaurant in Atlanta, GA. After falling in love with the Asheville community, they decided to move there and start their first venture. Blue Dream has five core philosophies that power the journey:

1. Support of Local Economies - We will strive to support the local workforce, local farms, and the local economy wherever the journey takes us, including becoming Living Wage Certified, using fresh local ingredients in our dishes and supporting local charities, businesses, producers and suppliers. 

2. Protection of the Environment - We will always consider our impact on our planet and strive to always reduce carbon footprints, manage our waste responsibly, and help mother nature in any way possible, including comprehensive composting and recycling programs.

3. Living Wage Certified - We pay our staff, both front and back of the house, an hourly wage that reflects what it costs to live in Asheville, as well as bonuses, regular raises, and lots of other great incentives.

4. Celebration of Diversity - Our journey is an international one and so we will always embrace and celebrate diversity in our dishes and our mindset.

5. “Kind Spirits • Elevated Flavors” - Our attitudes and our beers will always be kind, and our flavors will always take you to a higher level.